A/V Provision


The Harvard Celtic department will provide a laptop for presenter slideshows and we ask that all presenter use only this laptop. This laptop is equipped with Microsoft PowerPoint and video and sound are supported. Presenters may forward their presentations to conference organizers (hcc@fas.harvard.edu) no later than October 9th, 2019, or else bring them on a USB-drive on the day.




For presenters who wish to use handouts, we recommend printing at least fifty copies. Gnomon Copy Harvard Square provides a cost effective printing service just minutes from Barker Center, where the Colloquium is held.


You can check their hours and prices here: Gnomon Copy




Barker Center is fully accessible for attendees with limited mobility. We ask further that all presenters use the provided microphones to ensure that their papers are heard clearly by all in attendance.


Conference Banquet


The Conference banquet will be held in the Maharaja Indian restaurant in Harvard Square. The cost of the dinner is $40 and this includes one non-alcoholic drink. The cost is payable in cash or by check upon registration and there are ATMs available on Massachusetts Avenue in Harvard Square. If you wish to attend, please RSVP by Oct 1st, 2019 (hcc@fas.harvard.edu). 


Registration Fee


There is no registration fee.