Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium

HCCThe Harvard Celtic Colloquium was established in 1980 by two graduate students in the Harvard University Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures as a forum for graduate students for sharing their word and gaining experience in professional academia. Since then, it has been organized annually by a team of students in the department, grown in size, and gained an international reputation which annually draws a diverse mix of scholars from around the world to present papers on all facets of Celtic Studies over the millennia, including literature, linguistics, art, archaeology, government, economics, music, and history. In addition to its diversity of periods and subjects, the Colloquium encourages presentations by young scholars as well as those established in the field. The work presented can be a summary of research completed or on-going, or preliminary and exploratory work.

Papers given at the Colloquium may be submitted for review to the organizers of the conference, who become the editors for those papers selected for publication in the Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium (PHCC). Only papers presented at the annual conference are considered for publication. Whenever possible the full text of the annual J.V. Kelleher Lecture will be included in the PHCC volume for that year. PHCC reflects the diversity of subjects presented at the conference and its content. Therefore, it does not establish particular programs or topics for each publication. Articles published are substantially as presented at the conference, though some augmentation is permitted as space allows. PHCC seeks to reflect the current state of Celtic Studies as reflected in the on-going work of scholars in the field as well as advanced and specialized research. Presenters who submit their papers for publication in PHCC must be aware that it follows a tight publication schedule in order to remain current. Submissions must be substantially complete, though changes and additions are permitted as reviewers, editors, and authors prepare the articles for publication.

For preparation of presentations for submission, see the phcc-stylesheet. In cases not covered by the guidelines, the rules of the Chicago Manual of Style should be followed. Other questions may be directed to the organizers of the Colloquium who become the editors of the PHCC volume for that conference ( or to the managing editor of PHCC (

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